Power BI

business intelligence

What's it all about?

What is Power BI?

It allows the creation of reports and dashboards that visualize your data in a way that is easy to interpret.

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Power BI gives you instant access to key information that helps make great business decisions, accessible on any device.

Stock visibility

With Power BI you can view inventory and manufacturing progress in a real-time dashboard.

Sales funnel

Your sales team can monitor progress on there sales quotas, and drill into new sales lead details.


Visualize your data in a way that is easy to interpret. Providing you with a window to that key information that helps make great business decisions.

Meaningful data

Power BI is capable of creating quick and simple to digest insights from an Excel spreadsheet. Power BI is also able to generate real-time analytics and it can be your personal report and visualisation tool, and can also serve as the a decision engine.

Why choose Power BI?

For Owners

Always be in the know. View dashboards on the web or on your phone, get alerts when data changes, and drill into details. Your data is at your fingertips.

For Management

Quickly go from data to insight to action. Connect to hundreds of sources, prep data with ease, and create beautiful reports, all in minutes.

For IT

Simplify management, achieve compliance, and keep data secure while giving people access to the insights they need.


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