Business Central Pricing


£52.79 a month

The Essentials license is a named subscription user license and gives the user full access to the essential application areas within Business Central, including: 

  • Financial Management 
  • Sales & Relationship Management 
  • Vendor & Supply Chain Management 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Assembly Management 
  • Warehouse Management 
  • Project Management 

Examples of Essentials license users include salespeople, customer service representatives, finance employees, controllers and supply chain managers. 


£74.50 a month

The Premium license provides access to all areas within the Essentials license plus Manufacturing and Service Management. Essentials and Premium licenses cannot be mixed. 

For more information on Manufacturing and Service Management implementations, please see the following question in the FAQs – Business Central also has other modules, like Manufacturing and Service Management. Do you have packs for these modules? 

Examples of Team Member users include owners, directors, departmental purchasers, approvers and time sheet users.  


£6.00 a month

The Team Member license is a named subscription user license, typically assigned to someone who only needs to perform light tasks and does not require full user capabilities. The user restricted access to perform specific functions within Business Central, including: 

  • Full read-only access 
  • Update existing data which has already been created – such as customers, vendors or items 
  • Approve/reject workflow approvals, e.g. purchase order approval 
  • Create/edit/delete purchase and sales quotes 
  • Enter time sheets against jobs 

Examples of Team Member users include owners, directors, departmental purchasers, approvers and time sheet users.  






Admin of Users​


Access to Microsoft Training




Access to CP Training Portal


Qualified Accountant Account Manager


Biannual Review


Resolution of Broken Functionality


Superuser Callers

Business Advisory Hours*024TBD
Development Advisory Hours*0o1TBD
Monthly Cost





• All advisory hours to be used within the month and are delivered remotely by Microsoft Teams.



KickStart is our one week implementation, designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible with the core features you can expand on at a later date.

Custom Packs include a range of additional add on packs so you tailor your build to what your business needs. These can form part of a custom implementation, or can be added on after your Kickstart Week.



Select from the packs below for your 1 week KickStart implementation, or save 30% with the KickStart Bundle which includes all 3 packs.


General Ledger – Single Company


The Starter pack is essential for all Business Central implementations and includes the setup of a single trading company and all the essential features needed to operate the general ledger, banking, tax and multi-currency. 

  • Single Company Setup 
  • Chart of Accounts  
  • G/L Account Categories and Subcategories 
  • G/L Account Extended Texts 
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement Reporting 
  • Standard VAT Reporting, VAT Returns and HMRC Integration (Making Tax Digital) 
  • Reporting Dimensions & Values 
  • Analysis by Dimension & Account Schedule Reporting 
  • G/L Journals (incl. Importing Payroll Data) 
  • Recurring & Reversing Journals 
  • G/L Budgets 
  • G/L Approvals 
  • Cash Flow Management & Forecasting  
  • General Journal Approvals 
  • Purchase Approvals (Quote/Order/Return Order/Invoice/Credit) 
  • Sales Approvals (Quote/Order/Return Order/Invoice/Credit) 
  • G/L, Sales Ledger & Purchase Ledger Opening Balances 
  • Bank Accounts 
  • Bank Account Reconciliations 
  • Bank Integration – Cash Receipt & Statement Import / Payment Export  
  • Payment Reconciliations & Registrations 
  • Multi-Currency for Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Bank Automatic Currency Exchange Rate Updates 
  • 1 Additional G/L Reporting Currency  
  • Currency Revaluation for Bank Account Balance and Open Sales and Purchase Ledger Entries 
  • Outlook Integration 
  • Excel Integration 
  • User Accounts, Permission Groups and Permission Sets 
  • User Personalisation 
  • User Posting Date Control 
  • Emailing Documents from Business Central (Invoices, Order Confirmations, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Remittance Advices) 
  • System Audit Trail 



Vendors, Purchase Ledger, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable


The Purchase pack includes all the essential features needed for a basic purchase ledger.  

  • Vendor Master Data 
  • Vendor Specific Layouts 
  • Vendor Opening Balances 
  • Purchase Quote Processing 
  • Purchase Order & Return Processing (incl. Purchase Receipts) 
  • Purchase Blanket Order Processing 
  • Purchase Invoice & Credit Processing 
  • Standard Purchase Codes (Recurring Purchase Invoice Lines) 
  • Payment Journals (incl. Bank Payment Exports) 
  • Aged Accounts Payable Report 
  • Allocation of Purchase Invoices, Payments and Credits 
  • Purchase Proformas and Prepayments 
  • Payment Terms 
  • Purchase Discounts 
  • Purchase Deferrals 
  • Purchase Extended Texts 



Customers, Sales Ledger, Sales Orders, Accounts Receivable


The Sales pack includes all the essential features needed for a basic sales ledger.  

  • Customers Master Data 
  • Customer Specific Layouts 
  • Customer Opening Balances 
  • Customer Ship-To Address List  
  • Sales Quote Processing 
  • Sales Order & Return Processing 
  • Sales Shipments & Returns of Stock  
  • Sales Invoice & Credit Processing 
  • Standard Sales Codes (Recurring Sales Invoice Lines) 
  • Sales Journals (incl. Cash Receipt Reconciliations & Payment Registrations) 
  • Aged Accounts Receivable Report and Customer Statements 
  • Allocation of Sales Invoices, Payments and Credits 
  • Sales Proformas & Prepayments 
  • Payment Terms 
  • Payment Discounts 
  • Sales Deferrals 
  • Sales Extended Texts 





We have a wide range of additional add on packs to select from. These can all be implemented after the initial 1 week KickStart implementation.


Multi-Company, Intercompany, Consolidation


The Starter+ pack builds on the Starter pack and allows for the setup of any additional companies alongside any intercompany and consolidation requirements.  

Requires: Starter 

  • Setup of up to 9 Companies (Conditions Apply) 
  • Consolidation of Multiple Companies into 1 Company 
  • Consolidation Chart of Accounts 
  • Consolidation of Multiple Currencies 
  • Consolidation of Multiple Chart of Accounts (G/L Account Mapping) 
  • Consolidation of Reporting Dimensions (Value Mapping) 
  • Intercompany Transactions 
  • Intercompany General Journals (Automatic or Manual) 
  • Intercompany Chart of Accounts (G/L Account Mapping) 
  • Intercompany Dimensions (Value Mapping) 



Purchase Invoice OCR Automation


The Purchase+ pack adds OCR automation of Purchase Documents via the Continia Document Capture appSee a demonstration.   

Additional license fees apply. See here for modules and features and license pricing. 

Requires: Purchase 

  • Award-Winning OCR Recognition 
  • Header and Line Recognition 
  • Automated Matching of Orders / Receipts / Return Orders / Return Shipments 
  • End-to-End Approval Workflow via the Continia Web Approval Portal 



Employee Expenses via Integrated Apps 


The Expenses pack is the implementation of one of our recommended Business Central expense apps, Continia Expense Management 365 or Zetadocs Expenses, delivered by CPIT.  

Requires: Purchase Pack 

  • Free licensing for up to 25 users via Zetadocs Expenses Express 
  • iOS and Android apps for Expense tracking and submission 
  • Receipt capture 
  • Expense approvals 
  • Seamless integration of approved expenses into Business Central as Purchase Invoices.  
  • Dedicated Employee payment run process within Business Central   
  • Other features dependent  


     • Continia Expense Management  

     • Zetadocs Expenses Express  

 Additional license fees may apply: 

Continia Modules & Features and Pricing 

Zetadocs Expenses Versions and Pricing 



Integrated Fixed Asset Register


The Fixed Assets pack allows you to register your assets, track their history and integrate with the other finance ledgers. 

  • Fixed Asset Master Data 
  • Fixed Asset Opening Balances 
  • Fixed Asset Service Data 
  • Fixed Asset Maintenance Entries 
  • Integration with the General Ledger 
  • Acquisition via the Purchase Ledger 
  • Disposal/Sale via the Sales Ledger 
  • Calculate and Post Depreciation 
  • Fixed Asset General Journals 



Job Management, Job Costing, Budget vs. Actual, Timesheets


The Jobs pack includes all the essential features needed to track Job costing, without posting work-in-progress (WIP) to the General Ledger. This includes integration of the Sales ledger, Purchase ledger and Timesheets.  

Requires: Sales 

  • Job Setup and Management 
  • Job Specific Prices for Resources/Items/Recharged Expenses 
  • Job Specific Costs for Resources 
  • Resource Group Pricing 
  • Resources/Resource Work Types (overtime, travel etc.) 
  • Job and Task level tracking of Budget vs. Actual Cost and Expected Billable vs. Actual Invoiced Sales 
  • Posting usage/consumption for Resources/Items 
  • Ability to associate Purchases to a Job for Actual Cost visibility 
  • Ability to record and approve Timesheets  
  • Ability to associate Timesheets to a Job for Actual Cost visibility 
  • Ability to setup billing schedules 
  • Approving Planning lines for billing 
  • Batch creating invoices across all Jobs 
  • Creating Invoices/Credit Memos from Job Planning Lines
  • Recharging expenses posted on a Purchase Invoice 
  • Optional integration with Clockify, a third-party time capture app (licenses fees apply) 



Job Integration with General Ledger, WIP Calculations


The Jobs+ pack builds on the Jobs pack, allowing for the customised calculation of work-in-progress (WIP) back to the General Ledger. 

Requires: Jobs 

  • Choice and customisation of WIP calculation methods 
  • Batch calculation of WIP and Recognised Revenue across all jobs 
  • Ability to view WIP across all jobs in one view 
  • Integration with the General Ledger – all WIP and Recognised Revenue postings made automatically



Inventory Management, Sales Prices, GRNI


The Stock pack includes all the essential features needed to handle the sale and purchase of inventory.  

  • Item Master Data 
  • Item Opening Balances 
  • Item Costing Methods (Standard, FIFO, Average) 
  • Item Categories 
  • Item VAT/Tax Setup 
  • Item Tariff/Commodity Codes 
  • Custom Item Attributes 
  • Specific Customer or Customer Price Group Item Prices 
  • Specific Customer or Customer Price Group Item Discounts 
  • Standard Cost Roll-Up 
  • Inventory Integration with the G/L (Inventory, GRNI, Sales, Cost of Sales) 
  • GRNI Accruals and Cost of Sales Transactions 
  • Inventory Periods 
  • Item Journals/Adjustments 
  • General Ledger Stock Transactions 
  • Inventory Availability View on Sales Documents 
  • Item Charges (Attribute Additional Inventory Costs, e.g. Shipping/Tax) 



Locations, Bins, Stocktake, Transfer Orders, Serial and Lot Tracking


The Stock+ pack builds on the Stock pack and adds more complex stock features like locations, bins, tracking and reservations. 

Requires: Stock 

  • Multiple Stock Locations 
  • Bins within Stock Locations 
  • Direct Location to Location Transfers 
  • Definable Lead Times Between Locations 
  • Drop Shipments and Special Orders (Back-To-Back) 
  • Transfer Order Processing (Location to In-Transit to Location) 
  • Serial & Lot Tracking 
  • End-to-End Warehouse Tracking by Serial/Lot 
  • Expiration and Warranty Dates 
  • Physical Inventory Counts (Stocktake / Cycle Counting)  
  • Item Reclassification Journals (Bin Moves/Lot and Serial Changes) 
  • Multiple Units of Measure (For Sales and Purchase Documents/Pricing) 
  • Reserve Demand to Supply for Items 
  • Reserve Against Physical Stock 
  • Reserve Against Inbound Purchase/Transfer/Production/Assembly orders 



Assembly Bill of Materials, Assembly Orders


The Assembly pack allows you to create Assembly Orders to fulfil stock or meet order demand.  

Requires: Stock 

  • Assembly BOMs against Items 
  • Assembly Order Processing 
  • Assemble-to-order (Auto creation from Sales Orders) 
  • Assemble-to-stock 



Item Planning, Automated Purchasing


  • The Planning pack enables the suggestion and automation of purchases required to meet demand. 

    Requires: Purchase, Stock  

    • Item/SKU level planning parameters (e.g. safety stock, MOQ)
    • Purchase/supply suggestions based on Sales Orders demand 
    • Bulk creation/adjustments of Purchase Orders from suggestions 
    • Warnings for supply/demand date conflicts 
    • Order promising (available/capable to promise)



Picks and Putaways, Warehouse Receipts and Shipments


The Warehousing packs adds pick and put-away documents for tighter control on shipments and receipts. It adds the foundations for subsequent integrations with 3rd party WMS or hand-scanning solutions.   

Requires: Stock and Stock+ 

  • View and process Picks from Outbound Sales/Production Components/Transfers 
  • View and process Put-aways from Inbound Purchase/Transfer/Production orders 
  • Pick by Item or Bin rather than Order by Order 
  • Record Item Tracking information on the Pick record 
  • Display Item Tracking information on the Pick document 
  • Collate multiple records to single Shipments/Receipts 
  • Create Picks across all source documents 
  • Compatible with 3rd party WMS solutions (WMS Solutions not standard) 



Additional Database Setup for Multiple Countries


  • The Additional Database pack includes the setup and configuration for an additional Business Central database, typically needed for multiple companies across multiple countries, needing local tax and compliance functionality, operating in a Business Central environment.  Please see the ‘We operate across different countries and we plan to implement Business Central into multiple countries at the same time, how does that work?’ question in the FAQ section for more information.  Requires: Starter, Starter+ 



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