1 Week. Business Central. Done.

With CP KickStart, we get you configured, set up, trained and running with Business Central in 1 week!


Learn more about KickStart below, sign up, or contact us to chat over how kickStart could work for you and your business.

What is Kickstart?

KickStart was designed for those businesses that want to make a swift transition to Business Central.

We’ll get you configured, set up and trained in 1 week!


We get your Business Central account and system created and configured in the cloud.

Set Up

You import your Customers, Balances, Accounts, and Data so your business is all set up and ready to go.


Consultant-led training is provided for your super users, so you're ready to roll on Go-Live day.

Why choose

Moving systems critical to your business, especially if you’re moving to the cloud for the first time is usually a painful, slow and expensive process.

No one wants down time in their business, which is why it’s often difficult to take that first step to make the change – even if that means living with the headaches of outdated and expensive systems.

That’s why we created KickStart.

Once you get the information to us, we’ll have you set up, trained and live in ONE WEEK! Yes really.

• Super speedy implementation. Less downtime, less lost earnings.

• You’ll be up and running in a week, so you can take advantage of better processes and productivity, so you can start saving money sooner.

• You’ll have a fully future-proofed ERP system that can grow with you as a business as and when you need to expand.

• No expensive features you don’t need, just the core setup you want, and then you can add on new features and packs whenever you and your business are ready.

• One system, to manage and run your ENTIRE business. No more trying to get different systems to play nicely together, no more trying to integrate other platforms into Sage or Xero, with Business Central, it’s all self contained in one system.

OK so how much
does this cost

A LOT less than you’d think!

KickStart is specifically made to get you up and running with JUST the features you need – at the lowest cost possible.

You can add new features and packs as and when you need them.


• LOW MONTHLY FEE – £115 per user, per month (minimum of 3 users to start).


To see exactly what features are included in the KickStart pack click the button below. Don’t forget you can add on a wide range of features post launch.

How it

To make this happen in double quick time we’ll provide the Chart of Accounts (view an example here) and you provide the Customers, Vendors (Suppliers) and Bank Accounts.

But this is just the start! Business Central offers your business so much head room for growth and expansion.

Once you’re live, you can pick and mix additional areas you wish to add to your system.


The process

Hover over the Training Days below to see what we’ll cover in KickStart.

Your KickStart Calendar - switch to Business Central in just one week!
We’re importing the data you provided to get everything on the system.
Your first training day! Check out what’s on the Training Schedule below.
System testing.
Your second training day! Check out what’s on the Training Schedule below.
Final testing and setup ready for Go-Live.
BOOM! Your Business Central setup is live and ready to go.


Select a day to find out more about what we’ll be doing on your KickStart week as we get Business Central setup, and run through training so you’re ready to go on Go-Live day!



We import the data templates, and get your customers, accounts and systems setup.


• Introduction to Business Central  

• Creating and maintaining static data

• Posting Groups, General Posting Setup, VAT Posting Setup (Video)

• Processing a Sales Quote

• Processing a Sales Order

• Sending a Sales Document for Approval (if applicable)

• Creating invoice from Sales Order

• Creating and Posting a Sales Invoice

• Reviewing Sales Ledger

• Processing a Purchase Order

• Sending a Purchase Quote or Order for Approval (if applicable)

• Creating and Posting a Purchase Invoice

• Reviewing Purchase Ledger  


Your Business Central systems are tested and configured.


• Using General Journals

• User Setup posting periods

• Testing Review

• Using Recurring Journals

• Bank Accounts


• Reporting

• Enhance & add additional functionality after Go-Live

Kick Start might be all you and your business ever needs. However if your business changes and you need to scale, or simply add additional functionality to drive more automation and efficiency, then check out the other modules you can implement in the future!

    • Inventory Management
    • Fixed Assets
    • Consolidation
    • Intercompany
    • Warehousing
    • Assembly Management
    • Jobs/Contract Management


Final testing is completed, and we get your systems ready for Go-Live!


Answers to common questions.

What data will I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with your Customers, Vendors (Suppliers) and Bank Accounts.

How do I get started with data templates?

As soon as you’re signed up you’ll be provided the data templates to complete. These are Excel spreadsheets with some cool “smarts” behind them that allows them to be imported into Business Central. A helpful walkthrough is provided alongside to make this process as easy as possible. If you can extract your Customers and Vendors out of your current system, it’s more of a column reshuffling than anything else and should take a couple of hours. 

Can I view an example of the Chart of Accounts in Business Central?

You can view an example Chart of Accounts here.

What if I want to provide my own Chart of Accounts?
  • In order to get you up and running so quickly a “fixed” Chart of Accounts is required. You can add as many additional G/L account codes as you like once you’re live (you may have some extra Expense accounts you wish to add), but G/L accounts that are linked to other ledgers in the system are fixed.
  • If you need to maintain an existing account structure, no problem. Check out our Packs and Pots Implementations.
What transaction history is brought across from my old system?
  • General Ledger: Opening Balances for each G/L Account (you can post this by previous months if you wish to provide a little extra for reporting)
  • Sales Ledger: Any open items for the Customer (including original dates/document no’s/due dates)
  • Purchase Ledger: Same as above
  • Bank Accounts: An opening balance plus any unreconciled entries
What if an area/module that I want isn't covered in KickStart?
  • The idea of KickStart is to get you going as quickly as possible. Additional consultancy packs can be purchased after go-live to setup/configure/train/support you in this new area
  • If you really need one of these areas on Day 1, that’s no worry – take a look at our Packs and Pots implementations.
Can I add extra data such as G/L accounts/Customer/Vendors after my data has been imported?

The data and system is yours. Once Business Central has been setup/configured you can add extra data as necessary, whenever you like.

If I sign-up for KickStart how soon can I have my KickStart week?

Data needs to be with us a week before your KickStart week.  Generally we’d say to give yourselves at least a week for data, so if you signed up on a Monday and data was done for that Friday, your KickStart week could be as soon as just 2 weeks away! Ultimately though it’s flexible and the KickStart week should be booked at a time where you can give it your full attention. 

What if I don't provide my data on time?

If you know you’re going to be busy, make sure you book your KickStart week to give you ample time to cleanse your data. We generally book out teams in a couple of weeks in advance. This makes sure everything happens on time, so if the deadline is missed it’s likely your KickStart week will have to be moved. Depending on availability this may be multiple weeks. Moral of the story – don’t miss the data deadline! 

When should I 'Go-Live'?

After your KickStart week you can use Business Central straight away. However, most people will wait and complete month-end on their old system – transfer the opening balances/items – and then start using Business Central in production from the start of a new month.

What if my Kick-Start week is in the middle or the beginning of the month?

If there’s a gap between when your KickStart week ends and the beginning of the next month (your planned Go-Live), this just means you have more time for testing and having a play with Business Central. We’ll ensure you have a “Sandbox” company that you can train in before Go-Live and that you can use in the future as well.

From the horse’s mouth

Watch our case study on how Cooper Parry helped small business ABL to achieve their goals and grow who switched from Sage Line 50 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Just click below to arrange a call back at a time that is convenient for you. A member of the team will get back to you to discuss the next steps and we’ll have you up and running in no time!