Our Business Central Power Hour Live week introduces interactive 1 hour webinars each day.

Covering all the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central tools and developments so you can stay up to speed.

Each session also includes time for Q&A, so you can pick the brains of our in-house (literally, as we’re all still in lock down!) BC experts.



Running from Monday the 1st of June to Friday the 5th of June, each day at 3-4pm GMT


The webinars are designed to run through everything from getting started with the basics, through to reporting, Power BI, business processes and additional systems and applications you can build in to extend functionality.


This event is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Microsoft Business Central. Whether you are new to the system, an experienced user, or you are just interested to see how it all works and are considering if it’s the right software for your business. There will be content here to for you no matter what your experience level.

Harry’s Business Central Basics

Monday 1st June, 3PM GMT

• Filters, sorts and different tips around data input

• Personalisation

• Posting setup

• Dimensions set up


Everything you wanted to know about reporting… (that we could fit in an hour)

Tuesday 2nd June, 3pm GMT

• How to set meaningful KPIs for your business, and where/how to generate the reports to report on these

• Breaking down the reporting options in Business Central:

• Standard reports

• Account schedules

• Creating account schedules

• Date comparisons

• Using budget figures

• Dimensions

• Jet Reports

• Power BI

• What are they, why are there so many, which ones are going to cost you money?

• Power BI: What you need to know, how to make a start, how to use it in Power BI, for free


Let’s talk about business processes

Wednesday 3rd June, 3PM GMT

David Clarkson – Budgeting

• Creating a Budget

• Export/Import with Excel

• Splitting out by dimensions

• Copying budgets for next year

Joe Edwards – Cash Flow

• Chart of cash flow – setup

• Running the cashflow forecast

• Vendor and customer cashflow payment terms

Marco Tocco – Clever Credit

• Extension installation

• Clever credit introduction

• Clever credit setup/ Ageing table setups

• Credit controller Setup

• Overview of customer ledger balances with Clever credit function

• How to create and manage interactions


Supporting applications

Thursday 4th June, 3PM GMT

• JET Reports

• Continia

• Zetadocs Expenses


NAV to now – upgrading from NAV to BC

Friday 5th June, 3PM GMT

• Deployment Options

• Roadmap

• Intro to BC

• On Premise NAV vs Business Central Cloud

• Pricing and Licensing



Elliot Poulter

Client Success Manager – CPIT

Providing my customers help with technology and issues they have gives me a new challenge daily. Solving problems and collaborating with others are things I particularly enjoy and my role gives me the chance to do that every day.

Elliot Poulter
David Clarkson


Business Central Consultant – CPIT

Working with the latest systems and using them to make people’s lives easier is an absolute pleasure. I get to deliver solutions and work with client’s to adapt to this dynamic brave new world.
It’s always satisfying resolving an error or improving a process. Working at CPIT gives me the opportunity to do that everyday.


Business Systems Support Supervisor – CPIT

When becoming a professional athlete didn’t stick, I decided to move to what I know and get involved with IT and technology, leaving school to start selling phones to now where I am today.
Managing the Support team allows me to see the challenges that our customers face on a daily basis and to understand how the system can help a business grow. I love this side of my role, as not only am I developing and learning about new ways to do things, but the system is also growing alongside me.
Harry Jones
Joe Edwards


Business Central Consultant – CPIT

It’s always best when you stumble into a job role that brings together everything you enjoy. Even so, I didn’t fancy being a PE teacher, so the next option was Accountancy. As a long time math nerd and a recent tech geek, mix that with talking to people day in day out, I found my calling at Cooper Parry! After rolling around the business from Audit to Tax to Internal Finance, I found my current home of coming up to 2 years in IT at CPIT and with Microsoft Business Central.


Business Central Consultant – CPIT

I have worked in financial accounts for almost 7 years in businesses operating in different sectors such as: retail, recruitment and hospitality. It was fascinating to see how these businesses were operating and what technology they have used for their internal processes. I loved making changes to these processes in order to achieve a better quality result in a more efficient time.
Marco Tocco
Tom Bailey


Business Central Consultant – CPIT

I have worked in accounting roles in both practice and industry. It was great to see the systems working as they should, but I also enjoyed looking out for areas of improvement. Seeing the value that can be added by a good system was really what drove me into doing the job I’m doing today!


Client Success Manager – CPIT

I act as the eyes and ears for my clients inside CPIT whilst working alongside my team to deliver the best quality service on a daily basis.  I love the ever changing nature of the role and take great pleasure in helping my clients grow and evolve with technology.
Mark Coyne


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