Case Study – London Midland Utilising Office 365 & Surface Hub

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London Midland is a UK train franchisee servicing the West Midlands and surrounding area. It wanted to improve the way colleagues communicate and collaborate to help provide a first-class service to its customers.


Office 365 & Surface Hub has enabled the business to rapidly reform the way team members communicate with each other, leading to innovative new ways to service passengers. “Surface Hubs bring the team together, people come along for a chat and get looking at the data. Two hours later they are still drilling down and sharing experiences which is fantastic to see – lots more collaboration and that’s enabled more innovation.” praised Ian McLaren, Finance Contracts Director, London Midland.

modernising your workplace with pkf cooper parry it solutionsMicrosoft Office 365 enables fluid cross-department participation ensuring every team member is more involved and informed during decision making processes. “Our team can now use tools like Microsoft Planner to visually collaborate across departments and share information directly through Skype, Yammer and Microsoft Power BI. This enables us to be more agile and right at the forefront of change.” described Imran Anwar, Innovations Manager, London Midland.

All of this means that problems are dealt with more efficiently and the business runs smoother, allowing London Midland to enhance the service it offers its passengers “If we have any technical related issues we can see them instantly through videos or photographs and then share through the hub, have a Skype meeting and come to a decision within 10 minutes. Typically, that would have taken hours or even days.” enthused Kirk Trewin, Head of Fleet Production, London Midland.

Ian summarised the change by saying, “As a business the Microsoft technologies have certainly played a key role in improving engagement across all areas of the company as well as financial performance. To have been involved in that I’m really very proud and I’m excited about what the future is going to bring.”

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