See how easy it is to switch to Business Central in just 1 week!

With CP KickStart, we get you configured, set up, trained and running with Business Central in 1 week!


Making the switch from older on-prem systems like Sage, or limited accounting only programs like Quick Books or Xero to the more streamlined, scalable Business Central is quick and easy. We’ll have you up and running in just one week with an expandable system you can run and manage your entire business through in the cloud.

Access the step by step implementation guide below to see just how easy it is to make the switch and learn what happens in on each of the 5 days in your moving week.


KickStart was designed for those businesses that want to make a swift transition to Business Central, but are worried about long downtimes while swapping systems.

We’ll get you configured, set up and trained in 1 week!


We create and configure your Business Central account in the cloud.

Set Up

Import your Customers, Balances, Accounts and Data so you're set up and ready to go.


Consultant-led training provided for your super users, so you're ready to roll on Go-Live day.

Why choose

We’ve found a lot of our customers have put off moving systems for years – especially if they’re not on the cloud yet, mainly because they think the process will a painful one!

But moving business critical systems doesn’t need to be slow, expensive, stressful and cause long periods of down-time.

We spent a long time designing CP KickStart so that we can avoid all the usual issues with switching systems. We guide you through every step of the process, provide training, demos and get you live in just a week.

So there really is no need to stick with those old outdated platforms, you can move to the cloud, have access to your data wherever you are, save costs with a per user monthly subscription, and switch to a system that you can add to and expand the functionality of whenever you are ready.

That’s why we created KickStart.

Once you get the information to us, we’ll have you set up, trained and live in ONE WEEK! Yes really.

• Super speedy implementation. Less downtime, less lost earnings.

• You’ll be up and running in a week, so you can take advantage of better processes and productivity, so you can start saving money sooner.

• You’ll have a fully future-proofed ERP system that can grow with you as a business as and when you need to expand.

• No expensive features you don’t need, just the core setup you want, and then you can add on new features and packs whenever you and your business are ready.

• One system, to manage and run your ENTIRE business. No more trying to get different systems to play nicely together, no more trying to integrate other platforms into Sage or Xero, with Business Central, it’s all self contained in one system.


Just follow the links below to find out more about KickStart and how it works, or to contact us to chat through whether it’s right for you and your business.