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6 Steps To Better IT Security

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Today’s business and IT leaders have quite a balancing act on their hands when it comes to security. Between managing a wide universe of devices and applications, the need for innovation and agility, and an ever-evolving landscape of threats, companies need a holistic approach to security.

  1. Seek out products designed to work with others. This makes it easier for your security team to quickly see and combat threats holistically.
  2. Look for solutions with robust identity and access management controls. With an identity-driven security strategy you can focus less on tracking an ever-growing number of endpoints and more on managing users accessing corporate data.
  3. Adopt an “assume breach” and risk management approach to your security. Then invest in solutions that help you detect and recover from incidents quickly.
  4. When evaluating cloud service providers, ensure that they adhere to international standards. Look for vendors that publish detailed information about how they operate their services and handle data.
  5. Regarding apps and shadow IT, focus on visibility and risk. Look for solutions that allow you to monitor and assess for risk. With better visibility, you can more effectively set policies that track and control how employees use these apps.
  6. Focus on security at the data level. Looks for solutions that enable data classification and labeling at the time of creation, allow security teams to monitor activities on files and respond quickly.

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