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5 things a CFO can do with Business Central #4: Get live business reporting – without logging in

By February 23, 2021No Comments
5 things a CFO can do with Business Central No4 - Live business reporting without logging in

Welcome back to week 4 of our series, Top 5 things a CFO can do with Business Central!

This week we’re looking at reporting. Reporting is our #1 issue for why people want to move systems. Typically, the CFO and other management struggle to generate meaningful reporting on their business. Management accounts are often produced days after the month-end, sometimes weeks. And there’s very rarely live reporting even being discussed.

This week we’re going to look into that a little more and in particular focus on Power BI, which can deliver live reporting directly from Business Central.

Power BI is one of Microsoft’s reporting tools that can be used across all different systems. Previously in this blog series, we’ve looked at the use of data in other parts of Microsoft 365. Wherever your data sits, Power BI can report on it and help you draw conclusions from your data. Let’s take a look at how it works within Business Central, in this video:

Quite a short and sweet post this week – Power BI is easily explained! I’d encourage you to think about these questions for your own business:

1) How long does it take me to get my management accounts each month?

2) What could I do differently if I had my key operational and financial KPIs available live?

3) How often do my team have to ‘hand crank’ a report for me if I ask to see some reporting?

If this has piqued your interest then please get in touch with us to understand how Power BI could be helping your business in the future.

Join us next week for our final part in the series – AI!

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